May 8 • 27M

Let's give this a try...

An audio round recap? That's fun.

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Thought I’d see how it would work if I just gave you the screenshots and then you could follow the audio with visuals as I describe the round. Think of this as me describing my round to Amanda Balionis. Since that’ll never happen, this is perhaps the next best thing. This may be awesome or it might really stink, but this is free for you to read and for me to produce, so worth a shot. Let me know here in the comments, or on Twitter

@GolfGrindBlog, if you like it, hate it, etc.

It’s an easier way to get the round recaps in for sure, but if they’re not worth your time, then they’re not worth mine.

Left a lot out there on this day. Click the play button and scroll along as I walk you through the round.

(*Disclaimer: I FULLY comprehend that nobody cares what I shoot! But we’re all golf junkies and if you, like me, cannot consume enough golf content….well here’s a little more for ya!)

Hole 1

Hole 2

Hole 3

Hole 4

Hole 5

Hole 6

Hole 7

Hole 8

Hole 9

FRONT 9 SCORE: 42 (+8)

Hole 10

Hole 11

Hole 12

Hole 13

Hole 14

Hole 15

Hole 16

Hole 17

Hole 18


TOTAL SCORE: 78 (+7)